This article discusses some important but little-known differences between Spagyrics and Homeopathics. For a basic introduction to Spagyrics, click here.

Many of our conversations with healers and people interested in our work start the same way: they hear that we create Spagyrics, and then say, "I know about that- they're like homeopathics."

Both Spagyrics and homeopathics are valuable healing tools, and they can work together to heal effectively and gently, as many of our clients can attest. But their differences far outnumber their similarities, and it has been something of a crusade of ours to explain these differences and clarify this issue in the minds of the public and healers, especially as Spagyrics become better-known.

First, we should examine some of the history of both systems. Spagyric, as a word and process, was invented by Paracelsus, the great 16th century physician. As many of you know, it means separate and recombine, and can be used to make herbal extracts of great power and energetic force.

After studying Paracelsus, Samuel Hahnemann applied a small slice of Paracelsus' work to create a new system, homeopathy. Homeopathy is an effective holistic healing system, but it was not part of Paracelsus' work, being invented more than 200 years later. Homeopathy has gotten laid over Paracelsus' work for so long and by so many that many people equate the two; an unfortunate misunderstanding that overlooks the fine points of both systems.

When you realize that these systems were invented by two different people centuries apart, it becomes more apparent that they are different modalities, and that even if one was inspired by the other, calling them the same is incorrect. But, besides these historical differences, there are great differences in the systems themselves.

Homeopathic remedies are created by extracting a substance in a menstruum, usually alcohol, then using successive dilutions and succussions of this "mother tincture" to create a remedy which is charged with a static or frozen vibrational signature of the original material used, but with none of its physical characteristics.

It is true that Paracelsus used some methods of dilution to render some of his medicines safely potable or more gentle, but the total annihilation of the substance's physical being is from Hahnemann's work. Paracelsus repeatedly stressed the importance of working with all three levels of the plant's being- the obvious physical of the Salt, the life force and intelligence of the Mercury, and the eternal core of the Sulfur.

All of these levels are accessed, purified, and incorporated into the final Spagyric through processes of concentration, and the final result in a properly made Spagyric will be a very concentrated extract with the deep colour, intense flavour, and low dosage typical of our products. The difference between our Spagyrics and any homeopathics, then, is even apparent to the ordinary senses.

To treat at the cause of the disease, not just the symptom, requires that all three levels be present in the Spagyric to operate on the patient, who also has these three levels of being. Stripping away all but a reflection of the Mercury level of a substance (the homeopathic process), therefore, is not Paracelsian, and by definition, not Spagyric. We should also note here that we are the only company to truly implement the Paracelsian philosophy in this regard, and uniquely offer three different levels of Spagyric medicines.

That the original substance is changed so much as to be no longer its original self can be easily seen by looking at such homeopathic remedies as Hydrophobinum, Anthracinum, Belladonna, or Arsenicum Metallicum. If one ingested rabid dog's saliva, anthrax, deadly nightshade, or arsenic in their natural state, illness or death would result; as homeopathics, these substances are used to great healing effect.

The crux of homeopathy is this taking of a deleterious substance and, in effect, flipping or reversing it into a healing remedy. The homeopathic processing overrides the original substance- it is no longer anthrax, etc., but a homeopathic remedy. The same mechanism occurs with Spagyrics treated homeopathically- the end results are homeopathics, and no longer Spagyrics.

This "flipping" was strongly demonstrated to us by a healer we work with who had been treating several patients with our Spagyrics, and seeing great improvements in their illnesses. After running out of stock of our Spagyrics, she obtained homeopathic preparations which another company had made from our Spagyrics (unauthorized and against our advice), thinking they would be the same.

This healer quickly discovered that, not only did they not heal as well, they actually made the patients' ailments worse in most cases! She called us in a panic, not knowing what to do, but after only a few treatments with new stock of our true Spagyrics, her patients were again back on their course of improvement and healing. This case shows how, just as something harmful can be reversed into a medicine, so, too, can the opposite occur, creating a reaction much like a homeopathic proving. That event, and other experiments we have done, are why we never recommend dilution of our Spagyrics in any way.

Our Spagyrics are made following a continuum of process and energy, and that continuum should be kept intact in their use. But they do work very effectively when used in conjunction with homeopathics, and many of our clients work this way. Homeopathics do a great job of smoothing out layers of symptom and imbalance, to allow the patient to become more clear, receptive, and open to the deeper long-term work that Spagyrics can then be brought in for.

We hope that this has been enlightening for you- we encounter this misunderstanding frequently, and are dedicated to ensuring that the alchemical healing lineage we follow is presented truthfully and completely.

This misperception occurs more and more often as large European pharmaceutical companies realize the profitability of taking labour-intensive Spagyric mother solutions and stretching them into sometimes thousands of gallons of sellable homeopathic product. We are perhaps old-school purists in this regard, but profitability is not the motive for our work- the facilitation of physical and spiritual healing is.