Al-Qemi was founded in 1991 to research and put into modern practice the ancient healing work of the alchemists.

Since then, we have provided discriminating clients with a complete Alchemical and Spagyric apothecary, including not only products, but a practical system for their use.

Our system, based on our research into alchemical texts from many centuries, has led us to a truly holistic understanding of health and wellness, an understanding which we have applied to create a line of products to promote health and longevity at all levels of being.

In ancient times, alchemists were often called Philosophers of Nature because their method of work consisted of observing natures operations and then applying them in the laboratory. This crucial link, between the rhythms and processes of nature and the healing work of mankind, has been largely forgotten by most of todays physicians.

The origin of the word alchemy is from the Arabic, al-qemi, which has several meanings. The prefix "al" can mean out of or from, and "khem" or "qem" was the ancient name for Egypt, and for the black earth that was the gift of the Nile each year. This connotation, then, means from the earth or from Egypt, pointing to the origins of this ancient science.

In addition, "al" can be taken as short for Allah or God, and "qemi" for chemistry, the word therefore meaning God's Chemistry.

In spelling our name according to the ancient spelling, we have embraced all of its meanings, and in our work we seek to bring to a modern world this ancient spiritual chemistry for healing and wisdom.

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