Alchemy, and its herbal healing application, Spagyrics, are the holistic healing lineage of the West. Created by the great 16th century healer, Paracelsus, Spagyric medicine and the philosophical framework for its use is very much the equal to better-known lineages such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In Spagyric healing, the body may be where illness manifests, but it is not always the level of cause. Looking deeper, we consider the whole person and work to bring balance to the Physical, Spirit/Energetic, and Soul/Archetypal levels of being.

This truly holistic system follows a common thread of energy and subtlety running through all living beings on earth, and special laboratory techniques are used to refine and magnify the physical, energetic, and archetypal levels of plants, each according to its intended use and healing purpose.

Spagyrics also works with the seven Hermetic planetary archetypes. These energies give structure and support to the subtle qualities of Natureís minerals, plants, animals, and their organs, diseases, and effects. These Natural living things reflect back the cosmic planetary energies in turn, creating a chain of being linking above and below.

By capturing the planetary energy of a plantís rulership along with its healing properties, Spagyrics are mediators, bringing harmony between inner and outer, and a dynamic balance of flow and wholeness, a full integration of the bodyís microcosm with the macrocosm of the heavens.

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